Title IX In-Person Education

Sexual Misconduct Policy

 As a resource, the Office of Opportunity Development – AA/EEO Training and Compliance provides in-person educational sessions for prevention, compliance and Georgia State University’s policies and guidelines. In addition, focus and interpretation of key terms and definitions, and examination of state and federal laws will be reviewed to educate the audience in the support of Georgia State’s commitment to appropriate conduct of faculty, staff, and students as members of the University community.

Sexual Misconduct and Georgia State University Related Policies
Educational sessions on Title IX Sexual Misconduct and Georgia State University Policies, include specific definitions of what constitutes sexual misconduct, and how to respond as a Responsible Employee. Upon completion of this educational session, attendees will be able to:

• Define sexual misconduct
• Understand the federal laws and Georgia State University policies related to sexual misconduct
• Identify inappropriate behaviors of a sexual nature
• Understand an employee’s responsibility in responding to sexual misconduct

These educational sessions are available for faculty, staff and students in a classroom setting that encompasses an interactive presentation and engaging dialogue with the audience using specific examples and appropriate discussion on the subject matter.

Please send an email to equitycompliance@gsu.edu to request more information.