Affirmative Action Plan

The Affirmative Action Plan is a written program, meeting the requirements of 41 CFR Part 60-2, 60-250.5 or 60-741.5, in which a contractor annually details the steps it will take and has already taken, to ensure equal employment opportunity. The source of the Affirmative Action Plan is from Executive Order 11246, which requires than any contractor with federal contracts over $50,000 and over 50 employees must establish a written Affirmative Action Plan (AAP).

Copies of the Affirmative Action Plan are maintained in the following locations: Opportunity Development and Diversity Education Planning Office, Pullen Library, Law Library, Office of the President, Office of the Provost, Office of each Dean and Vice President. For information about the Affirmative Action Plan please contact Chaneta Forts at (404) 413-2563.

Affirmative Action in a nutshell

  1. Analyzes the current workforce composition
  2. Shows appropriate comparisons by race/sex, job categories, etc.
  3. Identifies persons in the labor force qualified to fill positions in employers’ workforce by job group
  4. Identifies areas where the employer is underutilized by race/sex groups
  5. Establishes written percentage and numerical goals aimed at eliminating the disparities
  6. Names persons responsible for achieving the goals
  7. Identifies barriers to employment and what actions the employer will take to eliminate such barriers

Current AAP Reports