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Explore the world within Georgia State University using our new GSU Diversity Passport

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Each year the GSU Diversity Passport will have a different theme and will be updated with current activities and events.  Through this passport program, we become part of a community that is participating in self-guided diversity learning opportunities in order to broaden our ability to be effective citizens of the university and the world.

The more we learn about the interesting and different ways that people live and interact with one another, the better equipped we are to “travel” in this increasingly complex world, with true respect and appreciation for our similarities and differences.

Let the GSU Diversity Passport guide you to new places, conversations, events, movies, books, restaurants and more. Each month, take time to reflect and allow your new experiences to broaden your thinking and enrich your life. Share your observations with your family, friends and co-workers and listen to their thoughts, as well.

“I can see myself in all things and all people around me.” — Sanskrit Proverb

“Finally, I believe that you and I are ONE; Differences, boundaries, and separations are merely myths over our common bond.” — Preston Che Ping Ni

GSU Diversity Passport:  Note To Travelers

Participation in the Diversity Passport is completely voluntary. For support to participate on work time, please consult your supervisor. Listed activities and events are merely suggestions for ways to participate in diversity-based learning each month.  Please feel comfortable in inventing your own activities as well. Any individual may choose whether or not to share contents of the passport with the Diversity Passport Program or anyone else.

Here are some ideas you may try:

  • What if you invited staff to bring their Diversity Passport into your next staff meeting?
  • You could each talk about what you did and maybe come to some new understanding within your work group.
  • Food is a great way to bring work groups together to share international food and stories of our heritage.

The Diversity Passport originated from a program utilized by the University of Michigan. GSU has adapted its program from the University of Michigan, the University of Richmond and the University of Alabama.


  1. Register online. Registration connects you with our growing Diversity Learning Community and enables you to receive valuable updates, announcements, communications, and resources.
  2. Participate in at least one activity or event each month! Information and suggestions have been provided, but feel free to invent your own way of participating.
  3. Take some time to journal or use the Reflections template. Please note that your passport and reflections are yours and will not be collected at any time. Participants may be asked to share excerpts on a voluntary basis.
  4. Authenticate: Upon completing at least one event or activity per month, validate by telling someone about what you did, what you learned and something you will do based upon what you learned.
  5. Evaluate your experience when the passport program ends in June. Watch for details!

Ways To Participate

Each month, participate in at least one diversity-related activity. Themes, special days, events, programs, and “Local Events” activities are suggested to help you get started.  The “On Your Own” ideas are included because some of us are not able to attend programs during the work day and these can be done anytime as well as encourage you to find your own ways of getting involved.

Monthly Theme:  Each month features a national or international theme, heritage celebrations, holidays, religious, cultural, and/or other events that highlight opportunities to learn something new.

Local Events:  These are suggestions of things you can do within the university and Atlanta.  The ideas include ways to learn about a lifestyle, culture, celebration, observance, etc. that may be different from your own.

On Your Own:  This is a way for you to participate in local events and add your own ideas for diversity and inclusion. The possibilities are endless!

Please Note: Themes, events, and activities presented in this passport are simply suggestions to help you participate. Many sources were consulted (websites, calendars, diversity resources, etc.) and every effort was made to ensure inclusion and accuracy. However, the list is not exhaustive. Send events, ideas, books, and movie suggestions to share with fellow travelers to:

Getting Your Passport

View the Diversity Passport here:  GSU Diversity Pasport

Download Diversity Passport here:  GSU Diversity Passport

Let the journey begin!