Welcome Letter

by the Associate Vice President

A major division in the University calls on the Office of Opportunity Development and Diversity Education Planning (ODDEP) to discuss possible ways to move employees to a better understanding of the concept of diversity, civility and equal opportunity.

The top administrator speaks with a staff member in the office and receives many suggestions on how to address this difficult, yet important task. The staff member and the administrator along with others in the division meet over a few weeks and develop drafts of civility statements, equal opportunity policies specific to the unit and assessments to determine staff concerns and results of the project are effective. A few months later, after all have reviewed the statements and policies and have had the opportunity to make comments/suggestions, the documents are implemented and the division begins to see improvement in morale and efficiency.

As I sit and consider our new collaborations around equal opportunity and diversity, I can only be pleased and proud to be a partner with people who value equal opportunity and manage diversity effectively.

I encourage you all to follow the path that the administrator described in the beginning of this article has taken. That is one of being a responsible leader and willing to partner with ODDEP to provide equal opportunity not only because policy tells us to do so, but because we see the value in having a diverse/inclusive workforce and student body at Georgia State University.

Please use this website as an Opportunity Development resource in our goal to expand knowledge and build relationships around issues related to diversity and equal opportunity.

Linda J. Nelson
Associate Vice President of Opportunity Development and Diversity Education Planning