About Us

Mission Statement

The Opportunity Development and Diversity Education Planning Office at Georgia State University will contribute toward the achievement of academic excellence & distinction; which are the purposes of the University. The office will enhance the University’s commitment to Affirmative Action and Diversity and facilitate compliance with Equal Opportunity regulations, more specifically, the office will contribute to:

  1. Foster interaction amongst diverse people around compelling ideas and questions.
  2. Assist the university in becoming a center for learning about the vast array of issues found in the living laboratory of a metropolitan environment.
  3. Developing campus-community linkages via outreach programs that coordinate efforts of the university with those of the community.


  1. Provide direction for the infrastructure of the university on issues that pertain to Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity/Diversity.
  2. Continue as a center for equal opportunity, equity, and affirmative action data.
  3. Provide leadership for change and improvement in the areas of equal opportunity, equity, affirmative action and diversity.
  4. Develop and maintain relationships with public and private agencies in order to improve services and maximize the resources of the university and of the community.