Diversity Education Seminars

We offer many opportunities for further training in diversity. For more  information on all sessions, call (404) 413-2569   or email [email protected].

Training Modules
Program/Training Description Target Audience/Assessment
Managing yourself in a Diverse Workplace Workshop This is an 3-hour interactive workshop dedicated to engaging participants in interactive learning exercises to increase self-awareness about their strengths and challenges around differences and similarities. Participants will be required to take a diversity profile instrument before the workshop so that they will gain personal insight into their comforts and challenges regarding race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, culture, etc. Participants will receive a GSU diversity passport tool listing programs, activities, lectures, concerts, etc. specific to the GSU campus/community. This tool will assist as a follow-up towards increased personal awareness, expanded knowledge, and the ability to demonstrate diversity competencies. GSU Staff/ Administration Program Evaluation-MeasuringDiversity Results by Edward E. Hubbard, Ph.D.
Managing others in a Diverse Workplace Workshop This is a 3-hour workshop designed as a follow-up to Managing yourself in a Diverse Workplace. This workshop focuses on those who manage others. It will explore such cultural characteristics as those mentioned above the surface as well as those that are hidden or below. It will address perceptions that sway away from reality which sometimes leads to biases and prejudices. Furthermore, this workshop will facilitate participants clarification of those diversity competencies needed to manage others more effectively in a diverse and global workplace. GSU Staff/AdministrationProgram’s Evaluation-Measuring diversity results by Edward E. Hubbarb, Ph.D.
Courageous [email protected] (Countinuous campus dialogue) This forum is an ongoing series of topics that reflect diversity challenges within the university community as well as metropolitan Atlanta and beyond. The effectiveness of Employee Resource Groups (i.e, gender-specific, ethnic groups, LGBT, etc.). The Power of Four Generations, and Race Relations: Where are we Now? are examples of the type of topics to be explored. Courageous [email protected] is a partnership between an established dialogue forum, the Atlanta Diversity Managers Advocacy Group and the Office of Diversity Planning. Open to GSU students, faculty and staff but limited seating.Participant feedback and program evaluation forms will be provided.

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