AA/EEO Investigations & Hiring

AA/EEO Investigations & Hiring, a subset of the Office of Opportunity Development, is responsible for investigating AA/EEO related complaints, including discrimination and sexual harassment, monitoring faculty and staff hiring procedures, and developing and implementing the University’s Affirmative Action Plan.

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Tel: 404-413-2563
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In Person: One Park Place,
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Email: equalopportunity@gsu.edu


Frequently Used Forms 

Hiring Procedures

AA/EEO Investigations & Hiring is responsible for monitoring Georgia State University’s faculty and staff hiring procedures.

AA Unit Coordinators

Affirmative Action Unit Coordinators help in the university’s efforts to ensure equal employment opportunity by providing an additional level of review of hiring decisions.

Requests for Religious Accommodations

Reasonable religious accommodations in the employment setting may be requested through AA/EEO Investigations & Hiring.

Affirmative Action Plan

The purpose of Georgia State University’s Affirmative Action Plan is to use analyzed date to promote equal employment opportunity and to address areas of under-utilization.