Haven for Employees

Because everyone has a right to be safe

USG Sexual Misconduct Policy (eff. July 1, 2016)

To help promote a violence-free campus, the University System of Georgia (USG) Board of Regents has mandated and required that all faculty and staff members “receive specific education and training with regard to reporting responsibilities, requests for confidentiality and other matters related to the prevention of sexual misconduct.” This mandate is in accordance with the approved recommendations from the Campus Safety & Security Committee. The sexual misconduct related training is being offered in person and via Haven for Employees. Haven for Employees is an online learning module that will provide you with the appropriate information on the prevention of sexual misconduct and your role as a “responsible employee.” *Employees are invited to attend an in-person sexual misconduct educational session or complete Haven for Employees so that the University is in compliance with the USG Board of Regents mandate. If you have not attended an in-person session then Haven for Employees is an option for you to receive the information.

Haven will take you approximately 45 minutes to one hour to complete–you do not need to complete the course in one sitting. Haven consists of two parts, Part 1 includes a Pre-survey and course content. Fifteen (15) days after you have completed Part 1 you will receive an email notifying you that Part 2 is ready.

All responses are anonymous; Georgia State University will only receive information about the faculty and staff body as a whole and will never see individual faculty and staff answers.

**Select the link below to begin the module:


Instructions for accessing the course:

  • Login using your campus id and password
  • Register by selecting your age group, status (faculty or staff), agree to the terms of service, select next, and begin the course

TIPS for completing Haven for Employees:

  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers (Updated Versions)
  • Make sure to login using your campus id (example: employee1) do not use your GSU email
  • **You may stop the training and pick back up at a later time, click on the link above to return to the GSU login page
  • You will complete Survey1 and Pre-Course Quiz before you begin the training modules)
  • You cannot skip or advance to other areas of the training
  • There are interactive elements (accurate responses must be achieved to proceed to the next module)
  • When requesting assistance; take screenshots to assist in troubleshooting efforts, send to equitycompliance@gsu.edu
  • *Request the In-Person Sexual Misconduct Training schedule via email: equitycompliance@gsu.edu