WAWW Committee Picture  4-27-2016

16th Annual Women at Work: A Journey to Self & Financial Achievement

    The Women at Work Series is a professional development program designed for women at Georgia State University and is sponsored by the Office of Opportunity Development–Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity Training and Compliance. The goal of the Women at Work Series is to generate new knowledge for the participants, create a more informed and business savvy citizen, and provide an additional professional development option for the community. Students also participate in the Series, which allows them to network, enhance their presentation skills, knowledge base, and seek mentors. This series has become a tool to Educate, Motivate and Empower the Women who participate.The annual meeting is held in April and is the largest gathering held to wrap up the year.
    Guests are engaged in learning about trends of success in the workplace and how to evaluate their competency and skills. These initiatives assist them in propelling themselves into roles as accountable and connected leaders, thereby allowing them to become a source of influence for others to realize their own potential